August 7, 2014


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August 6, 2014


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August 6, 2014

Aitor Saraiba

August 3, 2014

Stefan Zsaitsits

2013 drawings


August 1, 2014

Edward Cushenberry

How To Properly Bury a Turtle


August 1, 2014

Caleb Hahne


July 29, 2014

Valentin Leonida


Valentin Leonida created the series ‘Heads’ as an attempt to turn our inside world out. With titles such as ‘Melancholia’, ‘Concentration’ or ‘Serpent Mind’, he expresses different emotions in sharp and significant drawings.

The illustrator states: “Humans can make more than 20 distinct facial expressions but the most important thing is to see the expression from inside. I depicted here just 5 expressions. I put some elusive titles to let the viewer to imagine the state of each character.”
More of his works can be found on his Facebook and Valentin Behance.


July 27, 2014

Nunzio Paci

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July 25, 2014

Carrie Scanga

From Seasonal

July 22, 2014

Ellen Mueller

Burning Ice

The earth has been shaped, both physically and socially, by a striking landscape carved out by glaciers. However, with the acceleration of global climate change, these glaciers are shrinking at a rapid pace, causing environmental and social upheaval. It is the shrinking borders of glaciers — and the forces causing this change — that I am focusing on in this body of work.

This series consists of a graphite renderings of satellite imagery of Icelandic glaciers and mountain-top removal sites in West Virginia. The creation of these works was funded in part by a Puffin Foundation grant, and completed at Nes Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland, summer 2013.

The drawings are also published in a short book, Burning Iceavailable online.