August 23, 2014

Beth Dow


August 13, 2014

James Tylor
(Deleted scenes) From an untouched landscape #3 & #1
Inkjet print on Hahemuhle paper with hole removed to a black velvet void, ed. 4/5
Photo: Christian Capurro

August 13, 2014
Marcus BunyanCraig with halo1984From the series First experimentsSilver gelatin print© Marcus Bunyan

Marcus Bunyan
Craig with halo
From the series First experiments
Silver gelatin print
© Marcus Bunyan

August 11, 2014

Evgeny Mokhorev


August 11, 2014

Kevin Hayes


August 11, 2014

Jeffrey Silverthorne

August 10, 2014

Betty Brosmer 

Betty Brosmer was the highest paid supermodel of the 1950s – winning more than 50 beauty contests before the age of 20 yrs old, posing for more than 300 magazine covers, and stunning men and women alike with her insane hourglass figure (38″-18″-36″)! You litereally could not go anywhere without seeing her image in a magazine, on a record album, or store window display. She married the fitness icon Joe Weider in 1961, and joined his fitness lifestyle empire. Together they co-authored several books on bodybuilding, and founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders.

August 9, 2014

Marco Paoluzzo

Faroe Islands - Winter

August 9, 2014

Lucy Hilmer

Birthday Suit


August 6, 2014

Ed Van Der Elsken

Love on the Left Bank

Dutch photographer Ed Van Der Elsken was part of the hipster, bohemian scene in Paris, when, in 1956, he published a ground-breaking photobook called Love on the Left Bank. That book has been beautifully re-printed, and it captures the joie de vivre of that seemingly carefree era.