July 29, 2014

Aliki Komps

Melancholic Refuse

Within the iconography and context of psychology, the standard chair is symbolic of comfort." In the domestic space, a chair typically symbolises rest, sitting down and taking a break. 

In an unclear, yet final movement, these chairs have been displaced from their domestic environment. They no longer function as a place of rest. Despite this though, an imprint of the lived body of the owner is undeniably visible on the surface and embedded within the very essence of the chair. 

Discarded, the chairs appear to be melancholic. As if their crookedness, shortcomings and incompleteness has eventuated in abandonment and exposure to the elements. 

But it is in the public space, that the chairs begin to breathe to a different rhythm.  (artist statement)


July 27, 2014



July 27, 2014

Martha Rich

Mind Map Filtered

This project began as artwork for a comix art show curated by Esther Pearl Watson at Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, TX the summer of 2011. 

As a society we are forced to concentrate on many things simultaneously, on the computer, at work, the street sounds or sounds inside, machine noise, people noise, overheard conversations, comments, advertising, news, television, friends, strangers, emails, spam. Bombarded. My mind is rarely at rest. Everything is presented equally. The brain has to filter and sort and choose. Mine works differently than it did before. Maybe it has evolved. 

These images are a representation of filtered choices, past and present and future. store


July 26, 2014

Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria

From Human Error series


July 25, 2014

Kyler Zeleny

Out West

Out West is a visual travelogue documenting rural communities in the Canadian west. Over a hundred communities of between six and 1,000 inhabitants were documented. The project offers a version of the current state of affairs in the Canadian West, exploring how rural spaces experience an urban-rural time lag. The images conjure up a Vonnegut-like idea of being “unstuck in time”, where objects and the built landscape deceive the viewer as to what period they belong too. (artist statement)


July 23, 2014

Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen



July 22, 2014

Jean-Paul Cattin

From Designers Block

An old house located in East-London. A place taken over by artists and designers. Their contemporary creations, sometimes sober and functional are melting up with the old walls of the house, where several layers of paintings betray the time passing. A spatial evading in these cracks and drips.

Une vieille maison désuète située quelque part dans le East-London. Un lieu investit par des artistes et des designers. Au milieu des créations contemporaines, parfois sobres, fonctionnelles et épurées se mélangent les vieux murs de la bâtisse, ou plusieurs couches de peintures, de tapisseries trahissent l’inexorable écoulement du temps sur celle-ci. Une perdition spatiale dans ces craquelures et coulures.


July 20, 2014

Harriet Lee-Merrion

A collaboration with Anna Kiernan for a poetry chapbook, to be published by Atlantic Press


July 19, 2014

Ryan Zimmerman

Ghost Bike

1. Liz Padilla. Killed 2005.

2. Miguel Molina. Killed 2005.

3. Luis Ramos. Killed 2007.

4. Bronx John. Killed 2006.

5. Eric Ng. Killed 2006.

6. Rasha Shamoon. Killed 2008.

7. Amelia Geocos. Killed 2008.

8. Brandie Bailey. Killed 2005.


July 19, 2014

Falcao Lucas

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