September 13, 2014

Fred Levy

Black Dogs Project

This photo series started after a conversation about how black dogs have a harder time getting adopted then other dogs. I decided to start a photo series photographing black dogs on a black background in my studio. Using social media, I’ve been recruiting local dog owners who have black dogs to photograph. It’s an amazing journey that will hopefully become a book. (artist statement)


June 23, 2014

Animal Ad Campaigns

1. Animals are not clowns

2. No to cosmetic testing

3. Stop the abuse

4. The show musn’t go on

5. You see a cat, he sees a home

6. Sewing patterns

7. Imagine this is yours

8. Evolution

9. Frightening vs more frightening

10. Last meal: adopting a shelter dog is getting him out of death row

May 28, 2014

Harry Whittier Frees

May 23, 2014

Gould’s Birds of Asia

"[John] Gould (1804–1881) , one of the most prolific ornithological artists of the 19th century, had a romantic enthusiasm for winged creatures, as well as a passion for natural history and an impulse to catalog. Drawing on his outstanding scientific and artistic talents, he embarked on a series of projects that would eventually make him the leading publisher of ornithological illustrations in Victorian Britain. Gould’s unparalleled career spanned five decades, during which he produced a series of books depicting birds from all over the world.”


May 21, 2014

Robby Bolleyn


1. A place to hide

2. Alone in this earth

3. In search of a Thommy

4. Home is the hunter

5. Surrender

April 30, 2014

Illustrations from an 1850s “Materia Medica” Book

Found on 50 Watts

March 22, 2014

Elke Vogelsang.

Dog Portraits


March 2, 2014


 Noel Clegg



Noel Clegg

February 28, 2014


Reptile engravings from Het Leven der Dieren: de Reptielen.

(via howstuffworks)

February 27, 2014


Photo of the day: U.S. soldier showers earless puppy with cuddles
Sgt. Kelly Carmody of Fayetteville, N.C., cuddles the earless puppy while on patrol.
Unfortunately, dog fighting is a popular sport in Afghanistan, especially during the winter months. To prepare them for a life of dog fighting, puppies often have their ear flaps removed so that other dogs won’t latch onto them during a fight.