June 23, 2014

Animal Ad Campaigns

1. Animals are not clowns

2. No to cosmetic testing

3. Stop the abuse

4. The show musn’t go on

5. You see a cat, he sees a home

6. Sewing patterns

7. Imagine this is yours

8. Evolution

9. Frightening vs more frightening

10. Last meal: adopting a shelter dog is getting him out of death row

March 25, 2014

Janine Rewell for Minna Parikka

Bodypaint SS14

Art direction, illustration and body paint design

for MINNA PARIKKA SS14 collaboration.
Photography by Jonas Lundqvist 
Bodypaint by Saara Sarvas & Riina Laine 
2014 / Minna Parikka

January 31, 2014


Jon Burgerman’s ‘quiet interventions’ — a series responding to violent ads in the subway. Via Gothamist.

January 3, 2014


Parlor Pastimes, c. 1905, advertising booklet for The Royal Tailors (Chicago and New York), published by Kaufmann and Strauss Co.
Manners and Customs Collection, MSS 1522, Box 6, Folder 2

December 17, 2013


Piece for the launch of Absolut Amber by Absolut Vodka.
Part of a commissioned Art Series that features artist impressions of the products.
Agency: Sid Lee Amsterdam
ProdCo: Stink Berlin (Martina Lülsdorf, Annette Krutzik)
Animation with Sven Hauth / Pixeldoggy.
Sound: Michael Fakesch

November 22, 2013

Old Advertising Posters.

2:20am  |   URL: http://tmblr.co/Z8bgTy-47SNj
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November 10, 2013

With color TV.


With color TV.

November 8, 2013

Louis John Rhead, Lundborg’s Perfumes, 1894 (source).


Louis John Rhead, Lundborg’s Perfumes, 1894 (source).

October 29, 2013


Men Need Clothes: Women Need to Look Sexy

June 9, 2012

Erwin Olaf. Moooi, 2012.