August 3, 2012
11 Questions: La Partie Continue!


Photo from/by Roger Wilkerson.

Mesdames et messieurs, I am pleased to announce that 1 Question, 11 Answers will be open for submissions for another week. The new deadline is Friday, August 10th, at midnight Eastern Time.

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances pulled me away from…

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July 27, 2012
11 Questions: 1 Question, 11 Answers


Photo from Roger Wilkerson.

Starting this week, 11 Questions asks all of Tumblr one question, and posts the 11 best answers.

This week’s question is:

You can invite any three (3) people, living or dead, to a party. Magically, they’ll all be able to understand each other, whatever…

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July 10, 2012
11 Questions: 11 Questions for...Suicide Blonde


Named from the eponymous INXS song, Suicide Blonde has been on Tumblr since 2008, blogging about fashion, streetwear, arts and culture.

11 Questions recently caught up with Suicide Blonde to discuss her blog, her fashion sense, and how to be confident.

11 QUESTIONS: What’s…

July 5, 2012
11 Questions: 11 Questions for...The Nordic Fit


Since March of this year, The Nordic Fit has been posting about “sartorial passion with a Finnish flair.” Think classic menswear, handsome leather shoes and sophisticated accessories.

11 Questions recently caught up with The Nordic Fit to discuss fashion, Finland and films.