October 12, 2013

Jess T. Dugan. Transcendence I, 2005-2010.

Corinne and Travis, 2006.

Ryan and Alex, 2006.

Melsen, 2007.

Nate, 2009.

Amanda, 2006.

Elena, 2006.

Amy in the rain, 2006.

Fighter (self-portrait), 2006.

Transcendence (2005-2012)                                                                      

In our society, it is assumed that there are only two genders, both of which come with very specific expectations and roles.  I aim to challenge that assumption by portraying people whose identity falls outside of these preconceived notions.  Transcendence is a collection of portraits within the transgender and gender variant community.  These photographs show that there are an endless number of gender identities, specific to each person, while illustrating that gender identity and biological sex are two distinct constructs.  More broadly, they call into question societal expectations about gender roles and how these expectations affect everyone, including those who are not a part of the transgender community.

Through sharing individual experiences, this work honestly and openly portrays a community that is often overlooked, fetishized, or misrepresented.  It raises a dialogue about the fluidity of gender and the ways in which our current societal structure does not allow for variations outside of the mainstream.  In an effort to increase understanding, these images portray issues unique to the transgender community while also highlighting the shared experience of being human. 

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