June 17, 2012


VIDEO REPORT: Embracing the chance to create history

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Geeta Rao Gupta wrapped up the Child Survival Call to Action summit by calling on the world to create history – to make preventable child deaths a thing of the past.

Read more: http://uni.cf/LS0voj

Worldwide, under-5 mortality has declined from more than 12 million deaths in 1990 to 7.6 million in 2010 – yet thousands of children still die every day from preventable diseases. On 14-15 June 2012, the Governments of Ethiopia, India and the United States, together with UNICEF, convened the Child Survival Call to Action conference, mobilizing the world toward one ambitious but simple goal – ending preventable child deaths. The meeting asked governments and partners to sign A Promise Renewed, a pledge to work toward greater child survival.


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